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We select, train, and upskill IT staff for our customers’ companies. Training programs, both classroom-based and online, are focused on testers and developers using Java, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and Python.


— Identifying the company’s needs 

— Laying out the job profiles of potential employees, i.e., hard + soft skills and psychological constitution before and after training 

— Coordinating the program and the trainer for it 

— Selecting your potential employees 

— Arranging and performing the training of your would-be employees 

— Providing support for professionals in their employment  



— Assessing the personnel’s competencies 

— Coordinating and approving the trainer 

— Developing and approving the training program 

— Training and studying the real cases of the companies 

— Verifying and assessing the training outcomes 

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— DevOps
— Data Analyst
— Python Developer
— Java Developer
— Web Developer
— Kotlin Developer
— Tester
— Computer-Assisted Testing
— Program for Future Tutors 




— Live webinars 

— Use of recorded video lessons 

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— Intramural attendance on Innopolis premises 

— Intramural attendance on the customer’s premises 

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Training using both online and intramural attendance sessions at Innopolis University or on the customer premises

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Promptly solving the problem of IT talent shortage

Nearly 100 % graduate employability

Developing hard and soft skills

International certification of attendees in IT areas


We create from scratch or adapt the existing training programs to your company’s goals and objectives. We also study the themes and topics of cases that a developer team faces while implementing real projects.
1. Innopolis University’s HR professionals conduct an initial interview and analyze motivation. 

2. Tests are conducted using screening tasks on the platform. 

3. Then our professionals conduct a technical interview. 

Based on placement test results, we form the attendee’s digital profile on the platform, which profile changes as his or her competencies are developed. 

Our trainers and tutors are practical experts from relevant industries or the University’s faculty members having experiences in working at IT companies. 

Trainer is an employee of Innopolis and/or the leading developer in the industry (Senior level), who gives lectures and practical activities in the group. 

Tutor is an active developer employed by Innopolis or an IT company. Tutor gives individual technical advice and monitors the attendees’ performance. 

Core tasks of a tutor: 

— Motivating and supporting the attendee 

— Assisting in coping with the difficulties in performing practical tasks or understanding the material 

— Controlling the attendee’s activities, grading their tasks, and providing feedback 

— Consulting the attendee regarding their career routes 

— Teamwork management (in the courses where a team-based project is included in the program) 

Midpoint assessment of course knowledge acquisition is based on fulfilling home tasks. Upon each lesson, the trainee performs an independent work and receives feedback from trainers and tutors. This results in creating by the trainee some projects that they will be able to immediately include in their portfolio. Theory-digestion assessments are also used, such as tests and recitations 

Course is completed with the end-of-course assessment, from tests through defending an industrial project, developing a high-quality CV, and passing the final technical interview with a professional from Innopolis or a team leader of an IT company. 

Within training, the curator: 

— Weekly monitors the process of doing home tasks by students in LMS and assesses them

— Monitors the trainees’ motivation, helps low-performing attendees get themselves out of motivation crisis, and arranges additional consultations with the tutor; 

 — Collects the attendees’ feedback regarding their learning process and timely passes to the team of tutors and trainers the recommendations on enhancing their activities 

— Answers any organizational questions of all those involved in the training process 

We offer accelerated training program to be completed within 1 month. 

Average training duration is 4-6 months.