Strategy sessions


Strategy sessions

Strategy session

Allows creating a single idea for all participants about the desired future of the company and making up an action plan to reach it.   

Possible strategy session agenda:  

— Digital transformation
— Long and medium term development of the company
— Development priorities for the coming year
— Organizational reform
— Management system optimization
— Functional strategy development (HR, IT, production, sales, marketing, finance)
— Development of corporate values and competency models
— Creation and/or introduction of corporate culture   


Managers (top management, heads of directorates, units, directors of departments)

  • История и философия науки
  • Иностранный язык
  • Информатика и вычислительная техника

Product managers and product owners

  • История и философия науки
  • Иностранный язык
  • Информатика и вычислительная техника

Marketers and sales managers

  • История и философия науки
  • Иностранный язык
  • Информатика и вычислительная техника

Organizational design specialists

  • История и философия науки
  • Иностранный язык
  • Информатика и вычислительная техника


The university partners include the Innopolis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that opens up an access to modern IT infrastructure and human resources. We also work closely with the IT companies of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation.

Due to this, the experts for the session can be both the subject matter experts of the University’s R&D centers and the representatives of third-party organizations..


The University's portfolio includes more than 30 successfully implemented IT events for various enterprises. 

The University specialists have a wealth of experience in training groups of different skill levels: from line personnel to top management. 

The customers of digital transformation sessions and audit include Ak Bars Bank, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Kazan Power Engineering University, and Rosseti.


After the University strategic session, a number of companies improved their existing digital products or developed them from scratch, including: 

 — Tax Mobilization, a system containing registers of property, copyright holders, payers (the project has been approved by the governor of the city). 

 — Unified Regional Digital Archive (integration with the electronic document management system (EDMS) of the regional government, linking electronic signatures to downloaded documents). 

 — A dashboard to track the progress of governmental or municipal services. 

 — Maternal care system (the project is included in the national healthcare project). 




Together with the key persons of the company, we set the goals and the expectations of the session. We develop a program that includes the educational part and expert case studies. We also consider technical and organizational aspects: IT support, photo and video recording, transfer, accommodation, meals.

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We act as moderators and facilitators of the session, providing communication between the participants, directing them to solve specific problems in accordance with the approved program, and using coach methods to ensure that the team remains effective throughout the entire period of collaborative work.

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Within a week after the session, we will send a report to the participants, containing the agreements and plans. At the request of the customer, we monitor how the decisions are being followed-up.

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Alya Samatova

The Innopolis University Vice-Rector for Development and HR Policy answers the common questions about strategy sessions
An in-house moderator cannot be fully impartial in conducting a session since he himself is part of the team. In addition, professional presentors have the necessary tools for facilitation, i.e. a productive group discussion. Without a third-party participation, a session can turn into a standard workshop that will be inconclusive.
A strategy session is based on the customer’s vision of the company in the future. Even if it conflicts with the current goals of the company. The priority is given to the desired image of the future, and the present is transformed accordingly. While the majority of planning meetings involves targets and indicators formation by extrapolating the results achieved and past trends.  
Innopolis University has all the resources necessary for an effective strategy session: state-of-the-art infrastructure, accommodation and catering spaces, transfer. If necessary, we can also send our team for holding the event at the customer site provided there are suitable premises, equipment, and space available to accommodate our experts.
We are ready to provide a review of each stage of the planned activities in accordance with the final report of the strategy session. This involves a periodic on-site visit of our employees to the customer’s enterprise for assessing the achievement of intermediate goals or investigating the reasons for deviations. 
Number: we recommend no more than 10 participants at a time. 

Structure: a development strategy can only be worked out by somebody who can manage the company's resources, therefore, we recommend that 1-3 representatives of the leadership (top management, heads of relevant departments) should participate. If there is a need to consider an issue at a lower level, we recommend holding a separate session with line staff, as experience has proven that subordinates are reluctant to express an opinion different from that of the managers in their presence. 

On average, a strategic session takes 1 to 3 days (including training activities and organizational processes auditing). But the moderator should not work with the group more than 4 hours a day including breaks. To make the session more effective, preparatory work is needed (with management and staff). 


We have already held strategy sessions for companies